VitaPure SUF-300VPX Combo Inline Shower Filter & Water Softener #1 Compact Shower Filter System in the world Active


VitaPure Shower Filter & Water Softener

Formulated with the dual biotic filtration works to flawlessly remove Rust, Impurity, Bacteria, Heavy Metals & Chlorine from the tap water and Produces the cleaned-pure water.

 Atopic Disease; Released from itching in the shower and bath. Residual of Chlorine is one of the main causes of Skin disease and allergic side effect.

Keratin and Dandruff 

Eliminates Keratin and Dandruff with itching symptom by removing Chlorine in the shower and bath.


Dry Skin and Hair Loss; Residual of Chlorine smashes the fatty acid and protein in the body cell-tissue and makes skin and hair dried and damaged.

Vitamin C for Pharmaceutical and Food grade formulated by the organic extractive stuffs is the best media to remove in a ray beam speed Chlorine from the tap water and produces the clean For Baby and Kids;

Removes residual Chlorine. To protect them from residual chlorine and chlorinated hazardous byproducts damaged on the brain function.

Produces the top quality water

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