Vita5-02P Refill Filter Set for SUF-400VPX


Vita5-02P Refill Filter Set for SUF-400VPX 

Refill Filter Cartridges for SUF-400VPX VitaPure Universal Inline dual Filter System, #1 Compact Type Inline Filter in the world.


Features of Vita5 Shower Filter

Removes chlorine, chloramines, and THMs up to 99%

• Environment-friendly food-grade Vitamin C

• Six patented technologies

• No water flow drop

• Fast & instant reaction with chlorine

• Easy to check the filter lifetime (clear case)

• One month filter lifetime for 4 members of a family (15,000 liters/filter


PureMax Filter - PMF


• Remove Rust, Impurity, Bacteria, Heavy Metals, and Chlorine.

• Super Quality by Compact Sized Multi Layers Filter combined with ACF and Sediment(10 times). 

• Free from the contamination of the bacterium and dust by the antibiotic system works(Anti-bacterial Sediment Block Filter).

• The life span maximized with the Ultra-Graded Density

• Safety without 5 critical heavy metal

• None of the lint by using the filter

• Filter life is up to 3,000 gallons(10,000 litters)

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