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Tropical Blush Room Divider Usage

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Tropical Blush Room Divider Usage

The Tropical Blush Room Divider has many possibilities. Most of our customers prefer to use it to divide up open plan living spaces. For example, it’s handy if you want to create a home office area in a bedroom or lounge. Alternatively, you wish to zone the dining room from the kitchen. If a neighbour overlooks your window or the outlook from your home isn’t pleasing, place a screen in front, and you will have something desirable to admire. Some customers like to use the screen as a decorative aspect in their interiors to add a touch of texture. If you don’t have a headboard, place the screen behind your bed, and it provides a stunning backdrop in your boudoir. Customers with a bathtub in their bedroom like to use it as a modesty screen. The room divider is easy to fold up and relocate to another room should you wish.

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