Treesara Spray Water restore moisture to the skin 100ml Long Lasting Makeup Day

Treesara Spray water restore moisture to the skin 100ml Long Lasting Makeup Day. Spray water generally catch up on a fresh injection. But do not leave the skin on the face. Unlike sprays of mineral water brand Trisara. After the skin is refreshed after injection. Moisture from the skin to be hydrated minerals in the mix as well. If you've noticed, you just try to shake mineral Trisara see light. You will therefore water will have a viscosity that is because of the compressed mixture. Tight is that the brand has chosen to come to you. properties- Facial rejuvenation- Maintain the tenderness of the skin- Reduce the oiliness of the skin.- Pore- Gives long-lasting makeup all day.- Restore moisture to the skin.- Reduce irritation on the skin. The use of mineral Trisara bounce bright skin moist.1. Wash your face with soap after page Trisara. Wipe the surface to dry and then spray water Trisara face. Wait, when the water began to dry near. Make a nourishing serum Trisara. With the sun Trisara After that, it's up to me. For girls like you guys did it.2. Back-up finish Trisara to spray water on your face to block your cosmetics and skin retain moisture. When left to dry for a while, you will feel that your skin will look tight and soft water.3. Suggest that the portable contact. Because our skin needs moisture over time if the surface of the skin to make it look dull, withered premature. The smell of mineral Trisara will make you feel better that way. size 100ml. How to use: Spray the entire face after cleansing or shower. Payment I accept payment through paypal only. Shipping We delivery within 1 - 2 days after payment verification, We delivery to worldwide via Thai Registered AirMail (included insurance and tracking number) you will receive your merchandise within 1 - 2

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