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Totally Products ZINC 50mg Immunity Support (300 tablets)

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Totally Products ZINC 50mg Immunity Support- Zinc is a nutrient that plays many vital roles in your body. Zinc is an essential mineral that your body does not make on its own. It aids growth, DNA synthesis, immune function and more.

The primary role of zinc is to help with cell growth and development, and this essential mineral is key for optimal wellness. Zinc also plays a role in immune defense, hormone regulation, neurological function, wound healing, and inflammation. Research shows that zinc supplementation may also reduce incidence of infections and inflammation, particularly in the elderly population.

Zinc might also have effects against viruses. It appears to lessen symptoms of the rhinovirus (common cold), but researchers can’t yet explain exactly how this works. In addition, there is some evidence that zinc has some antiviral activity against the herpes virus.

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