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The Pleaser Rose Double™

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The Pleaser Rose Double™ Clitoral Vibrator is a beautifully designed toy!

Let yourself blossom! This Clitoral Vibrator is ready to give you orgasms like not other! Despite its small size, this adult toy comes with a suction cup, a vibrator AND a tongue licking function to vary your pleasure! Get ready to get this Clitoris worked out big time!

Its small size and waterproof makes it SO versatile! Use it on your own during your bath or shower. Play with yourself alone or involve your partner to stimulate, your clitorisnipples... Or anything else you fancy, really!

Best Friend Forever!

This clitoral vibrator 10 different setting and long lasting battery will keep pleasuring you for up to 50 minutes! So you will not be left wanting for more.

This is also the perfect toy to take on your next vacation, nobody will know how much pleasure you are carrying inside this little Rose Double!

The Pleaser Rose Double™ is ideal for beginners or more experienced users looking to spice up their intimate life. With 10 different vibrations mode, you are sure to find your tune!


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