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The Pleaser Pro™

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The Pleaser Pro™ is the number one choice for women who crave the ultimate orgasm experience. This clever two-in-one device gives you the perfect stimulation that you desire by stimulating your clitoris and G-spot at the same time.

The suction component mimics oral sex by creating gentle, rhythmic inward/outward pulses of air while the vibration component pulsates your hungry-for-action G-spot to give you an orgasm that is out of this world. The Pleaser Pro™ Clitoral Vibrator is ideal for beginners or more experienced users, featuring 10 vibration settings and 10 suction settings to let you go at your own pace! Dial it up for intense pleasure, or dial down for more gentle stimulation. Our fan favorite toy is made is made of silicone, is extremely bendable and gentle on the skin. It will follow the natural curves of your body without causing discomfort. Why spend another penny on toys that don’t get the job done?

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