THE KING 50" X 50" X 10


THE KING archery target backstop is similar to our Freestyle Pro models with the exception of 2 additional segments to meet indoor archery range and outdoor archery range needs.  Each 5 -  10 x 10 x 50 inch segments can be moved up or down as needed. Plus, each segment can be rotated 90 degrees 4 times.  Having the capacity to move and rotate each segment extends the life of each unit significantly, saving maintenance time and replacement costs.

 Manufactured from our "NEW AGE" target foam Poly U 360. Highest tensile strength of any target. Last 3x longer than replaceable core targets.   Target segments  are secured with all thread press design to prevent any movement.

Best target ever made for Spot Shooters.

  • Self Healing
  • Exceptional Arrow Removal
  • Crossbow Rated  410 FPS

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