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TerraSwing™ Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

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The TerraSwing Ergonomic Kneeling Chair will prevent you from having stubborn neck and back problems such as increase the quality of your life. Put an end to unhealthy slouching in traditional office chairs and explore a completely new way of active sitting!

EASE BACK PAIN – The chair encourages an open hip angle and a more upright posture. Sitting upright in this manner decreases pressure on your spinal discs and aligns your back, shoulders, and neck, reducing discomfort and pain that can result from slouching for long periods in traditional office chairs. Relax your back and shoulders, burn calories, and engage your core muscles for improved circulation and whole-body comfort even after you get up.

The kneeling posture distributes your weight evenly throughout your buttocks and legs, while keeping your spine aligned, for better spinal health. In fact, many users have reported a full disappearance in their lower back and sciatic pain as a result.

IMPROVE POSTURE – The TerraSwing promotes a more upright stance by encouraging a 120° open hip angle. Sitting upright in this manner relieves pressure on your spinal discs and perfectly aligns your back, shoulders, and neck, minimizing the stiffness and pain associated with slouching in conventional office chairs for long periods of time.

The kneeling chair's softly angled wood ensures that it matches your body's natural movement and reduces the detrimental effects of static sitting. Dynamic and active sitting positions allow your body to flow naturally and to find its own balance.

INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY - Better distribution of oxygenated blood, as well as more exercise during the day, has been shown to increase concentration and wellbeing. With the rocking and variable postures of this active seat, your body and mind will be invigorated. You'll have more patience and concentration during the day, allowing you to do more than you ever imagined.

NOT JUST FOR THE OFFICE - The comfort and activity of the TerraSwing isn't just for the office. This active seating is also perfect for your home computer, gaming, sewing, crafting, meditation, posture correcting, and orthopedic pain relief. Use it wherever you need more upright posture and movement.

QUICK & EASY ASSEMBLY - Our kneeling chair comes ready to assemble, with all the hardware and necessary tools. With step-by-step instructions, you’ll be set up and ready in about 10-15 minutes!

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