Symmbal Tablets

Symmbal 60 tablets a bottle I Care for Digestion & Constipation I Vegan, Non-GMO, Non-Dairy, No GlutenI Support for Stomach Health

1. The Gut is Important -
Symmbal is a great herbal blend to tackle problems of the stomach and get your routine back on track.

Cleansing & Purging can revitalise the system!
Symmbal contains herbs that are recommended specifically to clean the body of unwanted waste.

3.The Metabolism needs a Boost
Symmbal is formulated to boost the metabolism, improving digestion by breaking down consumed food better and keeping the intestines in working order.

4.Pure, Safe Ingredients

Harmful side-effects from medications is just not an option.One can take these supplements for long periods of time without being worried about getting hooked.

Dosage :
1 tablet, two times after meals, with warm water.

Ingredients : 
Trivrit, Triphala, Hingu, Vegan, Non-GMO, Non-Dairy

1.Keep away from children. 2.Overdose can lead to nausea, loose stools and discomfort. 3.Pregnant women or new mothers should exercise caution.



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