SVH-114W Waffle Showerhead - SONAKI VitaPure Vitamin Shower


SVH-114W Waffle Showerhead - SONAKI VitaPure Vitamin Shower Set

Waffle Shower Crafted by Sculptor’s Concept

For a daily dose of Vitamin C, just jump in the shower!  The anti-oxidant vitamin is formulated as an ingredient additive in all kinds of skincare products and now you can have it in your shower. VitaPure's showerhead contains food-grade Vitamin C in the shower filter, making it a natural and environmentally safe way to eliminate Chlorine from tap water. 

Full Set Composition

01 Showerhead(Chrome) with Vitamin Filter

02 1 Vitamin Filter

03 Stainless metal shower hose(5ft)

04 Mounting unit


Key Product Features

• Removing Chlorine and Chloramines from tap water up to 90% 

• Optional Spraying Mode adjustable from Gentle and Strong Shower

• Easy to install within 1 minute

• High Impact Resistance, Finest Transparency and Heatproof u

• Emitting Healthy Negative ion

• Spraying Angle adjustable 

• Water saving

• Benefits Proven

       - To ease the dry, irritated and itchy skin conditions 

       - Caring for Sensitive and Damaged skin 

       - Reducing Dandruff caused by Chlorine  

       - Protecting Dyed hair coloring  


Keep Your Shower Not The Chemicals


Chlorine is a serious irritant and creates carcinogenic by-products. Persons with sensitive skin, skin rashes, specific skin allergies, very dry skin need the most efficient shower filter to reduce their exposure to the aggressive effects of chlorine to the maximum extent possible. Chlorine dries skin out significantly faster than chlorine-free water.

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