Stainless Steel Openable Anal Lock

➤ Its outstanding petal shape is impressive, and the unique features of this anal plug are more convincing.
➤ Turning the adjustment ring, you can easily open and close, the anal plug can be locked in any position inside, looking for different stimuli.
➤ High-quality craftsmanship, superb polishing skills, make the anal plug smooth and skin-friendly, easy to clean, keep the anus clean.
➤ Give the key lock to the other party. This will be a fun toy. Any stimulus you want depends on the holder of the key!
➤Material: Stainless steel
➤Weight: 317g(0.7lb)
    Insertable length: 6.5 cm
    Closing diameter: 3.5cm
    Opening diameter: 4.5cm
    (All sizes are manually measured, please allow 1-2cm error)
1* Anal plug
1* Adjustment ring
1* Lock
2* Key
1. Rinse the product with water or disinfectant before and after use, and dry it in a cool, ventilated place for future use.
2. If you want to seek greater stimulation, you can use the anal plug in ice water or warm water.
3. This product is only suitable for men and women. Please keep it away from children. If there is any discomfort during use, please take out the product immediately and stop using it.

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