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Spiritual art Poster ”Sat nam”

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Do you like spiritual and healing art? Would you like to have something like that in your home?
The picture in this poster is from my original painting called "Sat nam". According to one translation, "Sat nam" means "truth in me". However, I want to leave you as much freedom as possible with the interpretation, and for that reason, I won’t tell much about this opus. In any case, the painting has a heart opening effect. It calms and expresses also nature’s and life’s balance and cycle. What feelings does it awaken in you?
If you long for balance, peace and want something to open your heart chackra and make you whole, this opus is a well fitting tool just for you. It is also a considerate gift for your friend, who you know to suffer for some kind of heart aches, or who otherwise needs reinforcement for heart chackra and harmony in life. This helps to demolish painful feelings so that they wouldn’t pack inside so easily. Locking up the heart can become very painful over time, even though it might be thought as a defence mechanism.
Get this rare, but also healing artwork on your own wall or as a gift for your dear friend.

Poster Size
Width: 54.5 Centimetres
Height: 40.5 Centimetres
Frame not included.

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