Space marine - Warhammer 40k Cosplay - inspired - Made to order - cosplay armour - Black Spacemarine - paintball armor - plastic armor - w40


Космический десант Косплей Warhammer 40000, вдохновленный Сделанный на заказ доспехи для косплея и пейнтбола Черный косплей космодесантника и пейнтбольная броня

Космический десантник - полный костюм для косплея, комплект брони для пейнтбола и шлем. Все сшитые детали - под бронекомплект, все соединения.

Болтер в комплект не входит, но я могу сделать его за дополнительную плату.


100% ручная работа


Гарантированная бесплатная доставка ПО ВСЕМУ МИРУ


I do props and costumes for TV series and movies, for various cosplay events and airsoft with my own hands for more than 10 years. Now you have the opportunity to place your private order. Among my customers are companies such as Amedia and Disney, I received requests from companies such as Warner bro and the Museum of illusions from Toronto. 


Terms specify in conversations, but high quality, style, authenticity, highly artistic,durability & reliability you will get GUARANTEED.


The Bolter is not included, but I can make it for extra price.


100% handmade. Material: ABS plastic (NOT FOAM) - strong like ceramite! Painted over 3 times. Not fade. You can wash it. Will withstand a large number of appearances or paintball battles. Practically eternal )))


You can tell me all your wishes about this item, because it is custom made and I can make some changes.


Also, I can make different costumes just ask in convos! You can send me a picture.


About Made to order the Bolter:


The Bolter-moulage - will be cost $859 - it is a beautiful thing, but not shooting (guaranteed free shipping)


The Bolter is made as Nerf-type gun - will cost $1259. All guns such as Nerf-type: firing cartridges from a lightweight foam material (guaranteed free shipping)


The Bolter-paintball-gun - will bee cost $1799 (guaranteed free shipping)


**Making time**: 1-3 weeks for manufacturing + 1-2 weeks for delivery (guaranteed free shipping)


**Materials**: ABS plastic - has a strong resistance to corrosive chemicals and/or physical impacts. 


What is ABS used for?


There are countless applications for ABS. Among the most widely identifiable are keys on a computer keyboard, power-tool housing, the plastic face-guard on wall sockets (oftentimes a PC/ABS blend), and LEGO toys.


I don't accept returns and exchanges for custom made items.


I'm not responcible for any extra-pays that may occur at your country's customs office.


Feel free to order from me

Many people make crafts from "dirt and branches", but not me. I am an experienced blacksmith and a master of my craft

I've been doing engineering crafting for 11 years. I know how to do very difficult things

With electronics. With the mechanics. Leather goods. The art of sculptural modeling

And apparently, for satisfied customers I have something to be proud of and have something to boast about


At the moment I have a queue of orders.

Слава богу: это большая очередь, и она продолжает расти.

Сроки производства, указанные в листингах, верны. Но начало работы над вашим заказом оговаривается индивидуально в каждом случае. 

Что влияет на повышение приоритета исполнения Ваших заказов: 

1) уровень моей загруженности на данный момент;

2) цена;

3) сложность.


Мне проще получить 1 дорогой и сложный проект, чем 20 маленьких и простых. 


Пожалуйста, примите это во внимание. 


Еще напоминаю, что в беседах со мной можно обсудить практически все.

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