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Sleepmitram Tablets

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Benefits :

1. Supplement helps in Natural Relaxing All-night Sleep.
 2.  Wake up Refreshed.No Melatonin.
 3.  Non-Habit Forming.Ayurvedic Care for Anxiety.
 4.  Sleep, Stress & Mood Support.
 5.  Support for Mental Well-being

1-2 tablets per day with warm milk/ warm water

  • Withania somnifera - Ashwagandha Rt.
  • Nardostychus jatamansi - Jatamansi Rt.
  • Valeriana Wallichii - Tagar Rt.
  • Centella asiatica - Mandukparni Wp.
  • Convolvulus pluricaulis - Shankhpushpi Wp.
  • Piper longum - Pippalamool Rt.
  • Hyoscyamus niger - khurasani ajwain Fr.
Frequently Asked Question :

1.Is it safe to take this medicine along with multivitamin tablets?
You can freely use multivitamins with this Ayurvedic medicine. Do check with your doctor for the supplements you can use with it.

2. How long does it take to start showing results?
The dosage for the ayurvedic medicine varies for every patient. But it usually takes 1 to 2 months for it to show effects.

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