Set of 3 Hand made Soaps with Olive Oil and Greek Herbs

Set of 3 Natural hand made soaps with pure olive oil and Greek herbs.
Perfect for face and body care, without colours and animal fats.
The set contains: Sandalwood - Jasmine - Rose.
- Jasmine : Rich, heady and persistent, with sweetness of honey.
- Rose:The King of flowers with its unique aroma which is heady and outstanding.
-Sandalwood : Has profound, persistent and sweet scent of wood .
Olive oil is a natural cosmetic from ancient times, rich in vitamins A, E and polyphenols. It delays the signs of aging, regenerates, moisturizes and revitalizes the skin. Additionally, it contains a high percentage of vitamin K and minerals such as sodium, kalium and iron which fight acne, keep your skin soft and help it regain its lost elasticity.
Net weight  3 X 100g

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