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Rubbermaid Glutton 384 Litre Recycling Station - Blue

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$751.10 - $751.10
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JEC's Rubbermaid Glutton 384 Litre Recycling Station with multiple restrictive opening hole shapes for visual cues come standard: paper, bottle, trash. 

Labels in 3 languages (English, Spanish, French) and colour coded iconic labels.
Glutton Recycling Station ordered, packed and shipped as 1 kit: 2 bases, 4 Slim Jim 87 L, 7 lids, Pictograms.
All plastic units won't rust or scratch surfaces.
No tools required for assembly.Smooth surfaces with large radii make cleaning easier.
Proven durability of the Glutton and Slim Jim containers.
Recycling station lid hinges in the middle for easy opening and won't slide off unit.
Dimensions: HxWxD: 902 x 1346 x 610mm
Colour: Blue

**Ships to UK Only**

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