Rings - black geometric wooden wall clock


This clock is composed of a lot of rings arranged in circular layout, thus forming a strong geometrical mark.

- Raw material: the selection of the raw material was based on the principle to keep the natural appearance of the wood as much as possible - therefore plywood has been chosen, for it bears the wood grains still strong and thin enough.

- Manufacturing process: the dial of this particular clock is laser cut from a single 6mm birch plywood board, then the finishing (polishing, painting) is made by hand. The dial is finally painted black.

-The movement: is silent (non-ticking), second hand sweeps around. It runs with 1 pc AA type 1.5V battery (not included in the package). The standard white hands are made of plastic (M) / metal (L).

- Dimensions:

  • diameter: M - 29cm / 11½", L - 41cm / 16", XL - 59cm / 23½"
  • depth: 3,3cm / 1¼"
  • weight: 0,35kg / 0.8lb, 0.6kg / 1.2lbs, 1.2kg / 2.5lbs

This product is made to order, usual manufacturing time is ~1 week.

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The 'Rings' models are available with the following color schemes:

Feel free to request custom color schemes made just for you - contact us before placing the order.

The 'Rings' models require one color only. Custom colors cost no extra fee.

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