Ramses the Lion Hunts Sterling silver Diorama


~~Ramses the Lion hunts~~~


 ....Sculpted  *gold accented miniature.

 Sterling silver enameled Egyptian miniature. 

Detailed  Gold war chariot,silver Ramses and ornate dynamic  hooded team.

Dual silver Pharaoh hounds,  *gold Lion. Detailed harness and reins.

Nugget top terrain on 3 color enameled sloped base.

Dimensions:72.4/mm x70.7/mm or 2.7" x 2.9"

Aprox.Weight: 5.5 ounces of sterling silver


..Makes a fine collectible.

 *Gold:Jewelers Gold

 ships USPS/Insured.

This is not an off the shelf item.Please make sure delivery window works.

...Original Artisan designs/NYC

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