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Rainbow Climbing Hold Magnet Set - 6 pcs

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Is there an acute lack of colors in your home? Bring this rainbow to your home, no matter what kind of weather reigns outside! These bright and lively colors will cheer you up even on darkest of days. This rainbow magnet set has already brought joy to many of our customers. Be one of them! You can also get this set to delight your climber buddy.

This set packs quite a dose of colors and fits you especially well, if you love bright colors, but have a hard time choosing between them. ? Get this magnet set, and you will have a whole spectrum of bright colors. Carefully designed, colourful premium quality climbing hold magnets for any magnet friendly surfaces. Make your own fantasy climbing route on your fridge door!

Technical details:
-Handmade decorative climbing hold with magnet
-Made of polymer clay
-Includes a zinc coated metal bolt
-Magnet is attached to the bottom side

All of the magnet sets are unique for the following reasons:
1) We don't use any moulds when making (decor) climbing holds
2) Each set has various climbing hold shapes
3) All magnets are handmade
There is no possibility that your neighbour would have the exactly same looking set as yours!

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