PMF-03 PureMax Refill Filter Cartridges for VitaPure Inline Filter 300VPX & 400VPX Removing Chlorine, Heavy Metals, Bacteria etc.


PureMax Refill Filter, PMF-03 for VitaPure Inline filter SUF-300VPX and VIP, 400VPX

ACF:  ACF works in the adsorptive ration of 10 times and its adsorptive capacity of 200 tines comparing to Carbon Filter for the common water purifier.


Remove Chlorine & Contaminants including Rust, Impurities 

Super Quality by Compact Sized Multi Layers Filter combined with ACF and Sediment (10 times)

Free from the contamination The life span maximized with the Ultra-Graded Density and Safety. 

To check the consumption level thru Translucent Case and None of the lint by using the filtration spun-bonded and recyclable Material (PP)

SOFTER AND CLEANER WATER - Did you know that you absorb more chlorine through your skin, eyes, and respiratory system, while taking a shower, than from any other activity you do all day? 

HEALTHIER LOOKING SKIN & HAIR - Chlorine and other water purification chemicals have a drying effect on hair and skin, and may also damage permed or color-treated hair. Filtering your shower water promotes better skin and hair due to reduced exposure to chlorine. 

LONG-LASTING - PureMax shower filters included will last up to 20000 liters of water use each. 

• DECHLORINATION - PureMax filter with Activated Carbon Fiber and bioceramics- removes Sediment, Chlorine, Metals, TCM, Phenol , and other disinfection by-products. FIR ceramics reduce water cluster size then the final stage Vitamin-C dechlorination removes remaining Chlorine (99.9%) - Packaging May Vary 

Sonaki PureMax Shower Filter Refill Cartridges - Pack includes 3 ACF Filter - Removes Bacteria, Heavy Metals, and Chlorine

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