Pink Portable Micro Heat Straightening Comb Anion Multifunctional Curling and Straightening Dual-purpose Styling Tool BF1716


The front side back and 3-side anti-scalding protection touches the comb teeth and only warms the hand.

Easily solve hair quality problems quickly comb the frizz and messy hair and rejuvenate your hair.

Anti-scalding comb teeth heat-insulating comb teeth + heat-insulating shell double protection.


  • Product name: mobile hot comb
  • Material: environmentally friendly alloy
  • Key function: slide switch
  • Product size: 75* 20*170mm
  • Heating speed: 100°/1mm
  • Maximum temperature: 190°
  • Factory voltage: 110-220V
  • Product net weight: 101g
  • Heating method: heating film express heating system
  • Rated power: 45W

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