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PICKMANN Raindrop Style GripX Exotic Sampler Guitar Picks

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From the Manufacturer - PICKMANN manufacturers picks in a variety of shapes using Exotic Tropical Hardwoods & other materials which are often the residuals of Guitar / Furniture industry. This ensures that the picks feature genuine woods & materials and don't burn a hole on your pocket. Furthermore our picks are handmade by skilled and experienced craftsmen . Our value packs contain 7 picks each made from : Padauk - An African origin hardwood best known for it's striking color which is dense and produces a warm rounded tones. Cattle Bone - Made from the residual bone blanks of cattle bought to the abattoir for human consumption. Very hard material that produces a clear,crisp and sharp tone. Ebony - Made from East Indian Ebony, very hard and durable. Produces clear sound. Cattle Horn - Made from the residual horn blanks of cattle bought to the abattoir for human consumption. Very hard and produces a crisp yet mellow tone. Tamarind - Originating from India, Tamarindwood has successfully made it to the limelight among other hardwoods. Very durable and hard produces a loud and clear tone. It's exotic look is loved by many. Haldu - Less hard as compared to all above materials but very durable. It produces a mellow tone.

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