Traditional Chinese medicine and modern technology are combined in a truly revitalizing skin cream. Poria cocos extract, dipeptide and acetyl tetrapeptide reduce wrinkles, smooth the skin, remove puffiness, improve microcirculation, supply cells with oxygen, and even out the skin tone. No more blue skin and puffiness! A unique plant emulsifier in the formula is ready to restore the integrity of your skin barrier preventing water loss and ensuring velvety organoleptic properties of the product. The cream can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. INGREDIENTS (INCI): AQUA, PORIA COCOS EXTRACT (AND) DIPEPTIDE (AND) ACETYL TETRAPEPTIDE, CETEARYL OLIVATE (AND) SORBITAN OLIVATE, JOJOBA OIL, HYDROXYETHYL UREA, SODIUM POLYACRYLATE, PARFUM, METHYLISOTHIAZOLINONE. Directions: Apply the required amount of cream to your face and neck along the massage lines. Daily skincare product. For external use only. GOST 31695-2012 Shelf life: 24 months. Store at 0℃ to 25℃. Keep away from light. Manufacturer: Sekret Ledi LLC, 83 Shchorsa street, Apt. 9, Kirov, Kirov region, 610035, Russia; by order of SharovaPro LLC Date of manufacture and batch No.:

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