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Description :

This is not only a temperature but also a humidity sensor ! With this sensor you can monitoring your home/office's data by your phone.
It can also link with other xiaomi products make them work when get certain temperature or humidity. Make your phone more sensitive and make your home smarter :)


Product   Note Product ID

Xiaomi Mijia
(Mijia temperature & humidity sensor must match gate-way hub to use)
- Center hub of Xiaomi smart home
- Zig bee proprietary protocol
- Up to 20 sensers

Aqara IP Camera [ Gate-way Version ]
- Both camera & gate-way hub function
- 1080P FHD
- 180° Degree Lens
- Smart Linkage Alarm

Aqara Temperature & Humidity Sensor [ Atmos Version ]
Barometric Pressure


Features :

It can real-time detect the temperature and humidity condition. Automatic alarm if the temperature and humidity is abnormal.

You can easy view the temperature and humidity change by the data according to all historical records.

APP control : Mi Home

Temperature measuring accuracy : ±0.3°C

Humidity measuring accuracy : ±3%


Specification :

Working Temperature : 20 ~ 60°C

Weight : 85g

Size : 36 x 36 x 11.5mm  


Package Include :

1 x Xiaomi Temperature and Humidity Smart Sensor
1 x User Manual

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