Organic High CBD Flower Cured With Cold-Pressed Terpenes SKU e1d356bb


Our organic High CBD Flower is known for its instant effects and terpene rich flavor.

The heavy cannabinoid and terpene profile allows faster absorption by the body and provides instant improvement in mood, stress, and focus.

  • Contains 17% CBD and less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC
  • Organically grown with subtle tones of spice and a rich aroma
  • Aids in stress-relief, mood stabilization, and sleeping
  • Grown without any pesticides, chemical sprays, or synthetic fertilizers

Ancient Lime: DAYTIME - features vibrant, sweet and citrus notes combined with uplifting properties to deliver a sativa-like, energizing effect.

Cookies: ANYTIME - features sweet, chocolate and earth notes combined with focusing properties to deliver a hybrid-like, euphoric effect.

Critical Kush: NIGHTTIME - features earthy, woody and flowery notes combined with calming properties to deliver an indica-like, relaxing effect. 

Zkittlez: NIGHTTIME - features fruity, berry and grape notes combined with calming properties to deliver an indica-like, relaxing effect.

Available in 3.5g, 1/2 oz. and 1 oz. increments. 

(Certificate Of Analysis)


Lab Tested | 100% Organic | Grown in the USA

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