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OLIVART-Natural olive oil soap-Sandalwood (Pack of 2 soaps-Free shipping)

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Traditional hand made Olive Oil soap with pure olive oil from Lesvos island,herbs and sandalwood aroma. (2 pieces set)

The  handmade soap Olivart is made from pure olive oil and herbs without colours and animal fats.

Olive oil 
is a natural cosmetic from ancient times, rich in vitamins A, E and polyphenols. It delays the signs of aging, regenerates, moisturizes and revitalizes the skin. Additionally, it contains a high percentage of vitamin K and minerals such as sodium, kalium and iron which fight acne, keep your skin soft and help it regain its lost elasticity.
Sandalwood : Has profound, persistent and sweet scent of wood .

Ingredients : Pure olive oil, water, sodium hydroxide, herbs, sandalwood fragrance.
Net weight: 100 gr          (Pack of 2 soaps X 100g)

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