Nohea | Gentle Shower Gel

Our Nohea Revitalizing Shower Gel infused with invigorating fruit essences of apple, grape, and coconut sends your skin to paradise! Gentle but powerful Hyaluronic Acid targets premature aging while aloe, ginger, and shea butter help sooth and deeply moisturize. This formula leaves skin clean and refreshed without stripping natural oils, encouraging a healthy PH balance.

✓ Cleanses Without Stripping Natural Oils
✓ Soothing botanical extracts
✓ Contains Hyaluronic Acid
✓ No harsh chemicals
✓ Cruelty-Free
✓ All Natural
✓ Vegan

How to Use: Lather generously onto damp skin. Massage to achieve a luxurious
foam. Rinse thoroughly. Finish with Amahle Body Moisturizer.

Black Friday Sale Special

Proudly Made in USA

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