Nirogam Hypershun Tablets

Hypershun for High Blood Pressure, Hypertension, Stress, Anxiety. Benefits :Help manage Blood Pressure and reduce swelling.Helpful in healing the respiratory tract.Promotes digestive functions. Helps stimulate excretion of wastes from the intestines.Dosage :2-4 tablets per day with warm water.Ingredients :Mukta Pishti, Praval Pishti, Convolvulus pluricaulis - Shankhapushpi, Centella asiatica - Mandukaparni, Acorus calamus - Vacha, Onasma bracteatum - Gazoban, Tinospora cordifolia - Giloy, Celastrus paniculatus - Jyotishmati, Withania somnifera - AshwagandhaPrecautions:Do not stop any prescription medications without consulting with the doctor.

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