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Nirogam Avipattikar Powder

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Nirogam Avipattikar Powder, 200 gms I Pure Herbal Powder for Digestion , Chronic Gastritis | Safe & EffectiveBenefits :Promotes Digestive Health .Reduces Chronic Gastritis .Good For Gastroesophageal reflux .Good for kidney problems like Nephritis & Nephrotic Syndrome.Reduces inflammation that alleviates pain and swelling.Dosage :3-6 gms with warm water as directed by the physicianIngredients :Saunth, Kali mirch, Pippali, Harade, Baheda, Amla, Nagar motha, Vid lavan, Baya Bedang, Ela, Tej Patra, Lavang, Nishoth, Sugar

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