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Nirogam Amla Capsules

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  • Encourages Heart Health: Amla Capsules help to absorb nutrients from the food and promotes the removal of unwanted wastes from the body. It assists in purifying the blood to cleanse it of free radicals and bad cholesterol molecules. It works toward strengthening the heart muscles and arteries by helping to dissolve blockages in the blood vessels. 

  • Anti-aging: Amla assists in promoting the rejuvenation of skin cells & helps to hydrate the skin for moist and healthy complexion. It has anti-aging properties & can help to remove excess oil on the facial skin. Amla shields against the harmful UV rays of the sun & can help to improve both complexion and skin glow. 

  • Promotes Healthy Gastrointestinal Functions: Amla is a completely natural aid for stomach health.  It helps to neutralize the stomach acids which in turn aids in digestion. It is a very valuable solution to cleanse the lining of the gastrointestinal tract and aids in loosening the stools for easy bowel movements.

  • Dose: 2 capsules daily. One before breakfast and dinner each with warm or luke-warm water. Any supplement be it herbal or otherwise needs to be taken on a regular basis for a duration of time before it takes effect.  So it is with Ayurvedic aids too.  It does not matter how potent the herb or supplement may be, unless it is taken at a certain time everyday for a period of time, it’s effects will not be apparent.

  • Pure Ingredients: We offer completely chemical-free products. This product is made of organically grown herbs. It does not produce any side effects. Can be taken for a long time without risks of dependency. Feel free to consult our Ayurvedic doctor for advice.

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Other Benefits You Should Know:

  • Contains Vitamin-C: Amla is the most concentrated form of Vitamin C found in the plant kingdom.

  • Promotes bone strength: Amla Capsules support bone development. They reduce Vata and balance the doshas.

  • Promotes Gut Health: Helps to purify the blood and thus support the functions of the gut. It also helps to strengthen the gut and eliminate waste from the body. 

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