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NaturaNectar Natural Brown Bee Propolis Supplement - Premium Brazilian Propolis- Respiratory Health & Immune Support Supplement, 60 Count

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About this item 

  • TOP 5% QUALITY WORLD PROPOLIS COMPARED TO OTHER BRANDS MOSTLY SOURCED FROM CHINA. HIGH QUALITY BRAZILIAN BROWN BEE PROPOLIS: Our unique formula contains 100% pure, premium Brazilian brown bee propolis to support the immune system*, lung and mucous membrane cell health* and to promote a healthy inflammation response.* 
  • ORGANIC, AROMATIC ACIDS & FLAVONOIDS: You can count on NaturaNectar Brown Bee Propolis’ combination of the purest organic aromatic acids and flavonoids to support your health’s natural defenses.* Just as bee propolis acts as the hive's protective shield, it can protect our bodies from many of today's' environmental threats and support our immune systems too!*  
  • EXCLUSIVE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: NaturaNectar Brown Bee Propolis is a natural source of active compound CAPE (caffeic acid phenethyl ester) with the exclusive and standardized FLAV-B (bee propolis flavonoids extract) plus PWE-BD (Organic Aromatic Acids extract) from the purest Brazilian brown propolis. 
  • KNOW WHERE YOUR PROPOLIS COMES FROM: We source our propolis from Brazil, one of the most biodiverse areas in the world,unlike most propolis which comes from China. 
  • A PASSION FOR PROPOLIS: Our number one priority is to provide 100% premium Brazilian propolis products, unrivaled in quality. Our natural, gluten-free propolis products don’t contain ethanol, propylene glycol, or harsh chemicals. We use our patent-protected, Green Extraction method to yield propolis’ most pure flavonoids while eliminating nearly all the impurities and beeswax without the use of chemical solvents - only water is used.

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