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NaturaNectar Immune Guardian, Natural Immune Support Supplement with Bee Propolis, High Concentration Broad Spectrum Flavonoids & Antioxidants, Brazilian Propolis Vegetable Capsules, 30 Count

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About this item 

  • PREMIUM BRAZILIAN PROPOLIS IMMUNE SUPPORT SUPPLEMENT: Every day you are exposed to millions of pollutants and irritants at work, home, school, or while traveling that can affect your wellbeing. NaturaNectar Immune Guardian supports your general health and wellbeing all year round. Formulated with antioxidants, immune modulation properties*, and a high concentration of broad-spectrum flavonoids from Brazilian Bee Propolis to support and defend your body’s health daily! 
  • A BLEND OF PURE FLAVANOIDS: Immune Guardian provides your body with a high concentration of FLAV-M, an exclusive propolis extract blend of propolis flavonoids. Derived from 100% Brazilian propolis which also includes Red and Green Propolis for daily immune support. FLAV-M supports your body to activate and maintain maximum wellness at the onset! 
  • THE BEE’S NATURAL DEFENSE CAN PROTECT YOU TOO: Immune Guardian is made from Brazilian Bee Propolis, a sticky glue-like substance made by bees from the sap of various plant life to seal and protect the beehive. Just as propolis acts as the hive’s protective shield, it can also protect our bodies from many of today’s environmental threats AND support our immune system too. 
  • PURE AND CHEMICAL-FREE BEE PROPOLIS: Made by nature with our exclusive and patented Green Extraction process, we yield pure flavonoids from bee propolis while eliminating nearly all impurities and beeswax without the use of chemical solvents- only water is used. 95% of all propolis comes from China where it may be exposed to high pollution levels and toxins. We use pure, toxic-free, and gluten-free Brazilian propolis, the highest quality from the top 1% of the world's propolis. 
  • DEDICATED TO SUSTAINABILITY: We're dedicated to creating a better environment for our bees, the world’s most important pollinators by sustainable beekeeping, and making the happiness of our bees’ top priority. While providing 100% premium Brazilian propolis products, unrivaled in quality. Straight to you from our bee farms in Brazil where we harvest propolis in the most biodiverse areas of the world that allow us to bring you three types: Brown, Green, and the exotic Red Propolis.

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