NaturaNectar BeeHero Natural Propolis Throat Spray (30 ml) Supports Respiratory System and Oral Health for Kids, Alcohol and Gluten Free, Berry Blast


About this item 

  • NATURAL BEE PROPOLIS SPRAY: An all-natural, time-proven Scandinavian formula originally derived from Salomon Propolis that is now offered to you in a children's friendly spray by NaturaNectar. Daily oral hygiene that kids love! 
  • EXCLUSIVE DELICIOUS BERRY BLAST FLAVOR: Your kids have never experienced a Propolis Product that tastes so good! Children love BeeHero Throat Kids Natural Propolis Spray! 
  • CLINICALLY TESTED PWE: BeeHero Throat Kids Natural Propolis's Exclusive PWE Extract is clinically studied to effectively support lung and bronchial health, to be well tolerated with no adverse effects. 
  • SAFE & PURE : BeeHero Throat Kids Natural Propolis Spray is free from alcohol/ethanol, propylene glycol and other substances that could harm the little one's delicate mucous membranes. 
  • INGREDIENTS: Exclusive PWE-M water-based extract, made of pure and standardized organic aromatic acids from a blend of the highest quality Brazilian bee propolis including Brazilian brown, green and red propolis.

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