NaturaNectar Bee Propolis Throat Spray - Bee Berry - 30 ml - Throat Guardian for Immune Support, Fast, Soothing Relief - Natural Ingredients Oral Care


About this item 

  • TIME PROVEN THROAT HEALTH SUPPORT* & RELIEF: For centuries bees have used propolis to protect their hives, and for generations, it’s been the number 1 choice for oral health and scratchy throat relief. NaturaNectar Throat Guardian is based on the original, natural ingredients, time-proven Scandinavian formula originally derived from Salomon Propolis, now offered to you in a convenient and delicious spray.   
  • ORGANIC, AROMATIC ACIDS: Throat Guardian’s main ingredient is PWE-M, NaturaNectar’s exclusive water-based extract, made of pure and standardized organic aromatic acids from a blend of the highest quality Brazilian brown, green and red bee propolis. It delivers a gentle, natural, and effective protection. PWE Extract is Clinically Studied to effectively support lung and bronchial health.* 
  • GENTLY SUPPORTS ORAL HEALTH*: Throat Guardian is free from alcohol/ethanol, propylene glycol and other substances that could harm the delicate mucous membranes making it a well-tolerated choice with no adverse effects.* 
  • GREAT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Throat Guardian is the first bee propolis based throat spray free of alcohol that can be enjoyed by the whole family in a delicious Bee Berry natural flavor. IMPORTANT NOTE: Contains organic honey and it is NOT recommended for children under 2 years of age. 
  • KNOW WHERE YOUR PROPOLIS COMES FROM: We source our propolis from Brazil, one of the most biodiverse areas in the world, where we cultivate and harvest pure and toxic-free propolis from our own bee farms - unlike most propolis which comes from China.

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