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Natural Soy Candle with Essential Oils-Meditation.From the Greek island of Lesvos-Free shipping

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Natural soy wax  candle with essential oils of Cedar, Olibani, Sandalwood.
Hand made product from the Aegean island of Lesvos -Greece. Lmited production.
Large size 200 ml in a great glass packaging.
Each ingredient has a long tradition throughout the world and as a religious incense regardless dogma. The balanced combination of three ingredients in a fragrance offers warmth to the soul, creating an appropriate atmosphere for meditation. 
Natural soy wax  A basic innovation of this candle is the fact that we use wax of vegetable origin (soy wax). Soy wax has a much lower melting point than paraffin. The low temperature during the candles production and use, ensures a gentle environment for the essential oils(low temperature), allowing the user to enjoy a wide range of fresh, typical and authentic scents, that are really close to the botanic raw material. While lighting our candle and within an hour, the candle will diffuse 100% essential oils, which provide health and well being

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