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MP Voodoo Vibe Guitar Pedal FX

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The project MP Voodoo Vibe, Analogue Optical Chorus, Vibrato & Tremolo is aimed to produce same or better sound than RM Voodoo Vibe or Univibe by keeping almost the same but improved audio and phasing circuitry with 4 optocouplers (photo cells) just reduced complexity of LFO which is now simplified on 2 controls and 4 times cheaper.
Very unique Guitar & Bass pedals.
This is the policy of MP Custom FX, mixing of both analogue and digital, an old Germanium and newer Silicon technologies to achieve outstanding guitar, bass and synth and vocal ... sound.
By the way all is hand soldered.

Guitar Pedal Artistry

Unique sounding and looking, fully and truly hand made Guitar and Bass pedals based on original MP Custom FX schematics :)

Robust and Durable :)

AF Lt Col

Milos Popovic

MP Custom FX

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