Magnetic Orbs


The new alternative to your standard clamps, these orbs are flying our the door due to popular demand. These seemly innocent looking orbs pack a punch (or pinch) with their simple unassuming design.  This toy plays no favourites and will deliver a hard pinch to your sub's nipples, cock, scrotum, or labia meaning it it is suitable for anyone open to try something new. Simply place on either side of your designed target and let powerful magnetic fields take hold and give a truly uniquely pleasurable experience. Elegant, simple and small these waterproof orbs can even double as a piercing so getting creative has never been easier. Easy to use and clean you will be reaching for these orbs again and again.

Size: 10mm (0.4 inch)

Material: High magnetic cleaning stainless steel

Colour: Sliver

Package includes: 2pcs / 4pcs / 6pcs / 8pcs Magnetic Orbs

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