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Leg Cramp Relief (90 capsules)

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Leg Cramp Relief -Alleviate discomfort caused by leg and foot cramps with these magnesium supplemental capsules. Experience immediate relief as the capsules remedy magnesium deficiency to loosen muscles and relax blood vessels for improved circulation.

  • High-Absorbing: Many magnesium products are poorly absorbed by your body due to their chemical structure, laxative effect, and/or too many binders and coatings.
  • Fast: It starts absorbing immediately and becomes even more effective with time.
  • Side Effect-Free: It causes no stomach upset or laxative effect.
  • Weird Ingredient-Free: It has no binders, coatings or strange extras.
  • Easy: Your dose comes in small capsules, not big tablets or messy powders.
  • It is manufactured in an FDA-inspected facility, just like any food item.
  • Medicine Form: Caplets

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