Laser IPL Permanent Hair Removal Machine Painless Body Arm Shaving Epilator KitBG00003899-PINK



Material: Plastic

Color: Pink

Rated Power: 36W

Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz

Output: DC 12V 3000mA

Flash: 600,000 Times

Light Area: 4cm²

Optical Radiant Energy: 3-6 J/cm³



• Perfect for these areas of underarms, bikini line, legs and arms.

• Exclusive skin detection system, eyes safety system: light emitted only in contact with the skin.

• Fast & Painless - Our laser hair removal is faster with a large light area, protects the skin from burns. 

• Intelligent Cooling System - Used for intelligent sensing, which greatly reduces the complexity of operation. 

• Gentle and effective even in the most sensitive areas of the body, using a light-based system with IPL technology derived from professional salons to deliver the hair reduction. 



• Plug in the power, then the right indicator light is red, then press the start button to switch to the left indicator light and turn blue, indicating that the product has started normally.

• Place the laser head on the skin. When the indicators on the left and right sides flash, it indicates that the product is ready. You can press the button on the handle to work.

• "+/-" button to adjust the intensity.


Operation Interval Tips:

• One operation per 2 weeks in the first 3~4 times.

• One operation per 4 weeks in the following 5~7 times.

• After that, you can operate once per 1~2 months in the areas with regrowth fine air to get satisfied result.

• Change operation times according to the actual hair density. The operation interval varies with the different individual situation.



• Do not use the appliance on your FACE.

• Do not use the appliance on naturally dark skin.

• Keep the device away from your EYES and do not look at the area being treated when the appliance flashes.

• Do not use the appliance on tanned skin or after recent exposure to the sun. Using it under these conditions may cause serious burns or severely damage your skin.


Kindly Reminder:

• Before using this product, please read instructions carefully. 

• Suitable for men and women who want to remove extra hair. The treatment is a totally physical therapy. 

• Please wear the eyes protectors before use, and do not direct the light head at vulnerable area like the eyes.

• Apart from these notices, please read and understand carefully the instructions within the box if you do not know how to use it correctly. 

• It can be used on skin of any color EXCEPT the black. People with brown skin start with the lowest level and adjust to the proper gear based on the adaptability of your skin.


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