L-Gluta Amoni VitaminC Speeding White Skin Anti Reduce Acne Freckle Q10 .

L-Gluta Amoni Vitamin Speeding White Skin Anti Reduce Acne Freckle Greap seed Q10Condition : 100% Brand new never opened usedQuantity received : 1 Pcs / 30 CapsulesNo. 10-1-01057-1-0012 Shining L-gluta Armoni Vitamin white better than vitamin C general 10 imaginable. Shining L-gluta Armoni The first brand to build your own body ...Extraction from asparagus. There are very high in vitamin c. Suitable for people who rarely eat fruits and vegetables. For people who supplement several whiten skin do not see results. (Must try) with collagen or ... that you will see results faster. Better. The feature of Shining L-gluta Armoni - Helps the body rebuild itself ... and then absorbed. - Helps keep skin strong. - Help to clear skin pink - Helps the skin not dark easy, do not sensitive to the sun.- Helps restore the black eyes, face is not shabby- Reduce, black red marks caused by acne. Shining L-gluta Armoni 1 tablets vitamin C as high as the work. - 16 acerola cherry - 5 tomato - 6 Ruby. A mixture of Shining L-gluta Armoni. - Acerola Cherry = clear skin, acne. - tomato = pink and white. - Q10 = white, soft to the touch. - pine bark = not shabby. - Ruby = face cream firming. - Grape Seed = reduce black eye to south.- Vitamin C 10 type = protection against the sun.- glutathione from asparagus = resistant white hard. See the result in the 1-2 jars, depending on the individual's skin. Caution :Children and pregnant women should not eat.Should eat a full five categories regularly in right proportion.No effect of the treatment.Results may vary depending on the individual.How to eat Shining L-gluta Armoni: take a day 2 tablets. (after breakfast 1 tablets before going to bed 1 tablets) to better performance. Description:Condition: NewQuantity: 1BottleSize: 30CapsuleQuantity: 1Exp: 2020Our PolicyI accept to pay by

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