Kit complete 3 in 1 Argan oil Keratine treatment without Formol Shampoo, Mascara + Botox



Kit VIP Argan Oil Brazilian Keratin treatment + Hair Botox Argan Sealing Oil 950g VIP

ZAP/VIP Cosmetics is one of the best-known brands in Brazil, with a market presence of over 15 years, and it is one of the most widely sold and approved products for thousands of professionals and clients throughout Brazil.
ZAP/VIP takes its clients into consideration and has launched an exclusive line for hair treatment.
De Vip Argan Oil provides hydrated and shiny hair with a delicious aroma.

Argan Oli Shampoo
The Argan Oil shampoo ensures a deep cleaning of your hair by eliminating all impurities and prepares hair for the following treatment with the mask.

How to use:
- Apply the Vip Argan oil shampoo to humid hair and massage the oil gently, and then rinse hair thoroughly. Repeat this process.
- Rinse thoroughly until all the excess water is squeezed out.

Argan Oil Mask
The anti-frizz mask promotes hair reconstruction through a thermal activation that keeps hair uniform and gives hair extra volume.

How to use:
- Untangle your hair using a comb and apply the Vip Argan Oil Mask from roots to tips with a brush.
- Leave it on for 20 to 40 minutes.

- Rinse 50% of the product, although if you have blond hair, rinse your hair thoroughly.

- Straighten your hair with a hair straightener.

- Rinse your hair thoroughly.

- Dry your hair with a towel. You may apply Argan oil (not included).
- Brush your hair.

The Argan Oil Control Line is designed to treat damaged hair that has experienced different chemical processes. The treatment composed of Argan oil, a mixture of thin silicone and a mixture of amino acids, guarantees a nourishing and natural effect and ensures a long-lasting smoothing effect.

Hair Botox Argan Sealing Oil 950g VIP
This product lasts 4 times longer than an ordinary product.

Do you wish you had straight hair? And if you don't, you probably have straight hair! With the Hair Botox Argan Sealing Oil kit your hair will be soft and straighter thanks to a unique system of nano-crystallisation, which nourishes the hair and stimulates growth. Buy your kit now and show off your beautiful hair!

How to use Hair Botox Argan Sealing Oil 950g Vip:

- Wash your hair thoroughly with the deep cleansing shampoo.

- Use a towel to squeeze out the excess water.
- Apply the Hair Botox Argan Sealing Oil Vip to wet hair, avoiding your scalp.
- Gently massage the Botox Argan Sealing Oil Vip from roots to ends.
- Leave the product on for 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the thickness of your hair (20 minutes for thin hair, and 40 minutes for thicker hair)

- Rinse thoroughly and dry with a towel.
- Use a hairdryer while brushing your hair, separating it into locks in order to achieve a more intense smooth texture.

- Wash your hair with the post-chemical line Vip Argan Oil.
- Style your hair as you like.

Results from Hair Botox Argan Sealing Oil 950g Vip

Your hair is far more nourished. It goes without saying that that your hair is uniform and hydrated. And well hydrated hair is the key to a high self-esteem! Buy now your product!

100% Brazilian product

It includes:
01-Argan Oil Shampoo VIP 1000 ML
01-Argan Oil Mask VIP 1000ML
01-Botox Argan Sealing Oil VIP 950g

Kit VIP Argan Oil Brazilian Keratin treatment + Hair Botox Argan Sealing Oil 950g VIP

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