Kidsto-Quor Tablets for kidney stones

Kidsto-Quor for Kidney StonesDissolves the renal calculi by restoring the crystalloid colloid balance.Expels calculi.Promotes smooth diuresis, relieves renal colic.Other Benefits :Help dissolve stones into small pieces. It supports healthy bladder functioning and neutralizes unhealthy elements.Helps speed up repair while it relieves abdominal cramps and colic.Dosage :1 tablet once/twice daily before meal(s) with lukewarm waterIngredients :Yavakshar, Hajrol Yahood BhasmaTrivikram Ras, Sweta ParpatiYavakshar, Shudh ShilajitExt. Pasan BhedExt. VarunExt. GokhruExt. Punarnava, Ext.KulthiPrepared in Decoction of Trikantkadi kwath

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