iS Clinical Post-Procedure Box Kit


iS Clinical Post-Procedure Box Kit is a reparative skin care set created to assist in post-procedure recovery. It is formulated for skin that needs great care in order to heal quickly and well. This gentle, daily skin care regimen restores skin health, protects, speeds healing and provides comfort.

This Post-Procedure Solution Kit is made up of three products:

  • iS Cleansing Complex (60 ml)
  • iS Copper Firming Mist (60 ml)
  • SHEALD Recovery Balm (60 g)

The kit also comes with 4 travel size bonus products:

  • iS Pro-Heal Serum Advance+ (3.75 ml)
  • iS Hydra-Cool Serum (3.75 ml)
  • (2) iS Eclipse SPF 50+ (10 g)

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