Immuno Sweet


Panaro Food Innovations solved the sugar dilemma by creating Immuno Sweet - a better-for-you sweetener from organic fruits, vegetables and spices. Great in coffee, tea, smoothies, oatmeal...

  • Half the calories of Table Sugar
  • Probiotics that are clinically-proven to strengthen the immune system
  • Prebiotic fiber that slows sugar absorption (Low Glycemic Index)
  • Great Taste with a light, warm sweetness and no bad aftertaste
  • Vegan ingredients - 100% plant-based
  • Low sodium and higher potassium (support body electrolyte balance)
  • Antioxidants and anti-inflammatories from fruits, vegetables and spices
  • Dissolves fast in liquids
  • Direct substitution in recipes (1:1) for granulated sugar

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