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HeatPaddy-Coffee Mug Warmer

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Heat your coffee with the HeatPaddy Coffee Mug Warmer!

You need something that is very handy to use and you don’t even have to go to the kitchen to reheat your coffee. We have the best product for you that will surely be one of your favorite things to have when it comes to reheating your coffee or other beverages. HeatPaddy is a product that lets you reheat your coffee wherever you might be, whether you're at the office, bedroom, or living room. 


Easy to Use - mug warmer use for coffee, tea, milk, hot cocoa or your candle wax, built-in gravity induction switch with indicator light, Warm your beverage at a desirable temperature (131℉/55℃). With its compact size, you can easily move it wherever you might be in your home. Just put your cup on top and for just a few minutes your coffee is already reheated.

Premium Quality - The Electric Cup Warmer with auto-shut-off function after 8 hours of inactivity. Do not worry if you forget to shut off by accident. And the bottom of the heater always stays under 65℃, with no concerns about getting too hot to damage the desk surface. Please do not touch the heating surface after switching on or turning it off for a period of time. The Mug Warmer with touch switch function, Gently touch “◯” to shut on/off and provide LED screen display temperature level. More intelligence and more convenient operation.

Ideal Gift - an ideal gift for people who love warm beverages. With its compact size, it is very handy to use and easy to operate. A great gift for a birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or even during the holidays.

Color: Round green

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