Haystack natural - organic wall clock with fuzzy look made of natural birch plywood


This clock depicts a stylish haystack - uniform elements piled together in a seemingly confusing manner. The 30° cuts at the end of each piece create the 12 different directions this clock is showing the time with, and it influences the direction of the wood grain that makes an exciting shading effect to the dial: some elements look darker while others are lighter - however all bear the same color (see the 2nd and 3rd photos).

- Raw material: the selection of the raw material was based on the principle to keep the natural appearance of the wood as much as possible - therefore plywood was used as it bears the wood grains still strong and thin enough. Owing to the naturalness of the wood slight discrepancies in color and pattern may occur compared to the images attached.

- Manufacturing process: the dial is composed of 60 trapezoid pieces that are glued on the backplate. The surface is oiled - color remains natural. Owing to the manual distribution none of these clocks are identical.

- The movement: is silent (non-ticking), second hand sweeps around. It runs with 1 pc AA type 1.5V battery (not included in the package). Standard hands are made of black metal.

- Dimensions:

  • diameter: 41cm / 16"
  • depth: 3,3cm / 1¼"
  • weight: 0,65kg / 1.4lbs

This product is made to order, usual manufacturing time is ~1 week.

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The 'Haystack' models are available with the following color schemes:

Feel free to request custom color schemes made just for you - contact us before placing the order.

The 'Haystack' models generally require at least 3 shades in order to reach the organic look. Custom colors cost no extra fee.

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