Cranberry Blast


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Relax and bask in the heavenly holiday scent if Cranberry Blast. Our Cranberry Blast fragrance oil is blended to perfection for a relaxing bathing experience. 

Each 8 oz bar will give your skin the perfect holiday treat while leaving it feeling silky soft and we'll moisturized.

Our Batches of soap are all made by hand in small batches to ensure the best quality bar of soap for our customers.  By making the soap in small batches, it allows us to ensure the quality of each item being used in the process that goes into each individual bar.  We strive to use the best ingredients possible in an effort to give you our customer the best quality product that your skin will keep asking for more of.  Our soaps are very mild, containing no harsh ingredients, and if you will notice on our list of ingredients you can pronounce each one so you know what you are using, unlike those in the commercial market where the names are a ton of letters long and no explanation of what they are or what they contain. 

Our soaps are formulated to give you a rich creamy delicious lather while being balanced to pamper your skin with the natural occurring of the glycerin that is retained during the cold process method of soap making to keep your skin looking beautiful and healthy.

Our soaps contain skin loving fragrances that are phalate, paraben and GMO free. 
8 oz

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