Handmade Men high quality cowhide leather oxford shoes, formal shoes,men shoes


This handmade boots is the finest ankle boots in class style with a plain, attractive finish. They use a lightweight construction that won’t weigh you down after a long wedding or business function. Whether it's a wedding or a funeral, a job interview or a meeting with your boss's boss, some occasions demand footwear that's as refined as it is timeless. This leather boots bring both high quality and great value. It is made of genuine high quality cowhide leather. Apart from lending you a chic style, they also ensure that your feet are covered and comfortable. Boots also keep your feet clean, unlike other footwear, thus making it a great option to have at your disposal. We pride ourselves on our attention and dedication to detail design without sparing comfort.


100% Handmade

Upper made with Cowhide Leather

Lining made with Cowhide Leather

Sole made with Cowhide Leather

Heel made with Cowhide Leather

US 7 to US 16 (All Sizes Available)

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