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Handmade Art Professional Rabab 27inch Full Sadaf Dark Brown Color

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Full Sadaf Very Mint condition Afghani rabab Wooden Light Brown color
Afghani musical rabab, Rhubab, Afghani guitar, New musical instruments

We make new rabab like this if you are interested in new but, The more you use rabab the more it becomes Gorgeous. if you want a new one kindly contact us.
Also you can ask for sound we will provide you the sound video.

Free delivery World wide:

YEAR: 2019 
SIZE: 27 inch
MATERIAL: Mulberries Tree wood, Half Sadaf
ORIGIN: Afghanistan

In the Indonesian gamelan the rebab is an essential elaborating instrument, ornamenting the basic melody. A two-string bowed lute consisting of a wooden body, traditionally though now rarely a single coconut shell, covered with very fine stretched skin.

Rabab, Arabic rababah, Arab fiddle, the earliest known bowed instrument and the parent of the medieval European rebec. It was first mentioned in the 10th century and was prominent in medieval and later Arab music. In medieval times the word rabab was also a generic term for any bowed instrument.

The rabab has a membrane belly and, commonly, two or three strings. There is normally no fingerboard, the strings being stopped by the player’s fingers. Body shapes vary. Pear- and boat-shaped rababs were particularly common and influenced the rebec. Flat, round, trapezoidal, and rectangular bodies are also found. Throughout the Middle East and Africa, as well as Central Asia, northern India, and Southeast Asia, the word rabab, rebab, or other derivative name refers to a spike fiddle—i.e., one that has a small round or cylindrical body and appears skewered by a narrow neck.

The rabab reached Europe by two routes. A pear-shaped variety was adopted in the Byzantine Empire in the 9th century as the lira, spreading westward and possibly giving rise to the medieval fiddle. A boat-shaped variety, still played in northern Africa, was introduced by the Arabs to Spain in the 11th century and was played alongside its newly developed European descendant, the rebec, until the 14th century. In parts of Central Asia the word rabab refers to a variety of lute.

We accept return only if our item does not match description,
Due to high shipping charges accepting random return would be our huge loss kindly ask anything you want about the item i will provide Gladly,

If you have any question regarding rabab ask freely in DM.

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